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Senior QA Consultant|Agile QA|Mind Map Meister  

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Hi there!

I am Brittany Stewart, Senior QA Specialist at Konabos Inc.


Welcome to my tech blog dedicated to demonstrating my expertise in software testing, providing innovative software testing insights and guides for persons like me and connecting with like-minded people in the community.

Thanks for reading!

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What I do

As a Quality Assurance professional, I specialize in delivering industry-specific software solutions that meet exceptional quality standards.

Agile Testing

Design specialized testing solutions to seamlessly integrate with agile development methodologies. 

Mobile App Testing

Conduct comprehensive testing of mobile applications across multiple platforms and devices, ensuring flawless functionality and a seamless user experience.

Test Automation

Development and implementation of test automation frameworks, to seamlessly integrate testing into CI/CD pipelines, and optimizing test execution.


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