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Women in Tech: Boldly Pursuing Dreams - A Reflection on Career Day 2022 at Alpha Academy

Updated: May 12

Arriving at Alpha: A Day of Inspiration and Empowerment

In November 2022, on a clear Friday morning, I found myself at my alma mater, the Convent of Mercy Academy 'Alpha', surrounded by eager young minds and the promise of a day filled with inspiration and empowerment. It was a highly anticipated Career Day Expo, themed 'The 21st Century Woman: Boldly Pursuing her Career of Choice'. Little did I know, this day would mark a significant milestone in my journey.

Reflecting on My Journey

As I stood before the young ladies, I couldn't help but reflect on my aspirations and the path that led me to this moment. Graduating as a Generalist - A Jane of all trades per se, I was initially unsure which career path was the best fit for me. However, my time at this school provided me with a diverse education, not only in technical areas but also in practical skills and life lessons.

I vividly recall attending Career Days, where inspiring women shared their experiences and wisdom with us as young ladies. Now, having the privilege to impart my knowledge to these young women, I am reminded of the profound impact such events can have. Fast forward to today, my heart has found its home in the Tech and Design field and I was thrilled to share this passion with the next generation.

Lessons in Resilience and Adaptability

Despite a small hiccup in the presentation location, which was quickly resolved, I delivered my message with passion and sincerity. It was a reminder of my humanity, of the fact that even in moments of excitement and honor, mistakes can happen. Yet, it was also a lesson in resilience and adaptability, qualities I hoped to impart to the girls listening attentively before me.

Connecting and Inspiring

The highlight of my day came towards the end of the presentation when I received a heartfelt thank you message from one of the attendees. This was more than just a speaking engagement; it was an opportunity to connect, to inspire, and to be inspired. It was a reminder that our journeys are not just about reaching our destinations but about sharing the experiences and lessons we gather along the way. Here's a snippet of the end of the presentation:

Continuing the Journey

Looking ahead, I am eager to continue sharing my message with more young ladies, to inspire them to boldly pursue their dreams and carve out their paths in the world. If you share this passion and would like to connect, please feel free to contact me at

Leaving a Lasting Impression

In the words of Maya Angelou:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

May we all strive to leave a lasting impression of positivity and empowerment in the lives of those around us.

Thank you for reading, stay inspired, and Happy Testing!

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